Capture a Chemist is a crowd-sourced chemistry engagement arts project in conjunction with the International Year of Chemistry 2011 that brings the photographic and chemical communities together to share the stories of chemists across the world. Its aim is  to promote the understanding of the role played by chemists in society to the worldwide photographic community and through them, the wider public … and hopefully to have some fun along the way!


For the chemist:

You register with the site giving your location and a brief description of the work you do and its value. Photographers will find your details on our spreadsheet and make contact to arrange a shoot.

Benefits : You end up with a cool portrait and it ticks that engagement box

For photographers:

You register with the site to get access to our list of active chemists, you find one and make contact, arrange a shoot and deliver jpegs from your shoot to the chemist and to CaC by submission to the project flickr pool (or email) along with a short description: who the chemist is, what they do etc.

Benefits: It’s a good exercise to build your portfolio (especially shooting to a brief), you gain access “behind closed doors” to shoot in a challenging environment and you might get your work displayed.


We’re hoping to put on a public exhibition of the best submissions along with their attached stories. The Royal Society of Chemistry may have an area to display such an exhibition at their Chemistry Centre at Burlington House on Picadilly depending on availability / timings. This would be ideal at it’s next to the Royal Academy of Arts. RSC publications are looking into whether we might make a photo book as well which we could use to raise money for a charity that’s relevant to IYC2011 (e.g. WaterAid).… and of course  lots of photographers and members of the public get to find out how chemists positively impact on their lives!


You’ll need to sign up as a chemist or as a photographer (or potentially both!)