Register your interest in capture a chemist if you would like to be added to the database. Once Capture a Chemist goes live, we’ll let you know where you can find the details of chemists who’ve signed up. We promise not to spam you about anything else!

If you’re also interested in attending the launch event in Bath, let us know separately on the events page instead. You’ll be added to the main database but you’ll also receive information about the launch.

The contact form asks for a link to a website – please show us where you share your photos. We’ll have a look before sending you the link to our chemist database. This is not a quality assessment – it’s just so we know you’re serious about engaging with the project before we hand out all our chemists’ contact details.

Register here

Please copy us ( in on any email sent to a chemist and we’ll update the spreadsheet to show that someone is in contact with them. This will hopefully avoid chemists being approached by a number of photographers at the same time.

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