Capture a Chemist Launch Event: University of Bath, May 2011

The intended audience of this page is photographers. If you’re a chemist and want to know what Capture a Chemist is all about check out the chemists page first.

This is planned to be a 2 hour session in a lecture theatre at the University of Bath which will be open to the public. Approximately 6 chemists (or small groups of chemists) will attend and get a few minutes to talk to the audience about the work they do and its importance. The alarms will be deactivated so the chemists will have an opportunity to demonstrate some appropriate chemistry where relevant. A pre-selected photographer or team of photographers will then set-up and shoot a portrait live (and tethered) in front of the audience who will be following on the big screen as the photographer(s) explain their thinking. The audience will be welcome to make helpful (!) suggestions as the session progresses. Think of it as a vastly more informal Hobby vs. Arias vs. Joey L. shoot out (except in our case, the photographers will know who they’re shooting before they arrive and are welcome to plan a shot in advance).

The session will be recorded and made available to watch online afterwards


We’ll be inviting chemists from the University of Bath to pick a favourite reaction or piece of equipment they would like to show or talk about. This could form the focus of the shot. Chemists will be put in contact with photographers in advance of the shoot to allow the photographer to come up with some ideas.

We plan to run a ~2 hour session with 6 “mini-shoots” including a short break. The Room will be 8W1.1

In each mini-shoot, a chemist will have ~1-2mins to talk about their work / the experiment / the piece of equipment (as such if it’s a demo it’ll have to be something quick e.g. luminescence, an exploding balloon, liquid nitrogen etc.)

The photographer or team takes over from here and sets up the shot, talking to the audience about what they are doing and why – they have 10 mins to get the shot in the bag before we move on for the next mini-shoot.

I want to be in the audience!

Of course you do! You’ll get to see some cool chemistry, learn some stuff and get to see how other shooters work, think  and get an insight into their workflow. Register your interest below and once we’ve confirmed a date, we’ll get back to you.

I want to shoot!

You could register yourself or a group of shooters. Register below and we’ll keep you informed about dates and if your name is drawn from the hat put you in contact with your chemist before the date. Before you sign up make sure you’ll be happy shooting live in front of an audience. You’ll need to be proficient with lighting (as we’ll be in the lecture theatre). Will you be able to explain what you’re doing as you go along and still communicate with your subject? This isn’t the right option for somebody at their second “strobist” meet BUT we would definitely love you to come along to watch and you might get some ideas for your own CaC shoot at a later date when you can work with less pressure.

it would be good to get an idea of the likelihood of you attending if this happened on a weekend (e.g. 12-2pm) vs. a weekday evening (e.g. 7-9pm) as there are planning considerations for both scenarios

Register here

(make sure you’re happy with the terms)

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